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Welcome to the new Visitor eNews (formerly the Standards Newsletter). We’ll send the eNews 3–5 times during the year to highlight important information and professional development opportunities for visitors. We welcome your ideas for topics to include.


We Can't Say It Enough: Thank You!

Visitors are the heart, soul, and workforce of the ACA accreditation program. It WOULD NOT happen without your energy, commitment, and knowledge.  We value the time and effort you contribute to the success of this program.


The Numbers Are In! 

  • Number of camps visited — 555 
  • Number of visits with one visitor — 16 (Not very many — hooray!)
  • Number of camps with failing scores: prior to a review — 29; after a review — 15 
  • Visits that required a follow up email/phone call: 206 (More than we’d like!)
  • Number of missed mandatory standards: 73 camps missed 119 mandatory standards
  • Most missed standard: HW.1.2 (RN or Physician on site daily), missed by 17% of camps

Your Help Is Needed for the "Other" Part of Accreditation: Serve As an AAR Reviewer! 

Beginning in early January 2018, the Annual Accreditation Reports (AAR) submitted by accredited camps NOT having visits in 2017 will be ready for review. The review process is completed online and should take 30–45 minutes per camp. Watch for a communication from the staff member who supports standards in your area in the coming weeks. Be sure to respond to volunteer if you are interested in serving as a reviewer, and make sure your ACA membership is current so you will be eligible to complete reviews.


Tell Us What You Think!

As you may know, the ACA standards are being reviewed, slightly revised, and reorganized for the next version of the standards to be used beginning in 2019. We invite and encourage you to review the documents and share your thoughts

  • Does the proposed placement of standards seem logical? 
  • Do you have concerns about specific standards? 
  • What are your general thoughts?

The next issue of Visitor eNews will be sent in late February. We wish you the best for the upcoming holiday season and new year!


Contact Standards Staff
If you have any questions or concerns about your role as a visitor or about the accreditation program, please contact the staff member who supports your area: 

ACA Western Region, Danielle Pinney
ACA Central Region, Amanda Zoellner 
ACA Eastern Region, Brandie LeClair
ACA, Illinois, Kim Steiner 
ACA, New England, Elizabeth Snell
ACA, New York & New Jersey, Kyle Medeiros 
ACA Director of Accreditation, Rhonda Mickelson